Run Catalina Race Pack
Run Catalina Race Pack
Run Catalina Race Pack
Run Catalina Race Pack
Run Catalina Race Pack

Run Catalina Race Pack

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RUN CATALINA On-Course Nutrition.  Train your fat-oxidation efficiency for enhanced endurance, spared muscle glycogen, and your biggest finishes yet. SFuels has meticulously designed its training and racing fueling products to optimize the body's ability to use the appropriate fuel sources (fats, carbohydrates, and glutamine) precisely when needed - this is the Right Fuel Right Time principle.


SFuels TRAIN is designed for aerobic zone 2 workouts, and SFuels RACE+ (RUN CATALINA on-course nutrition) for higher-intensity race-pace workouts.


This pack contains 1 X SFuels Train Strawberry Lemonade and 1 X Race + Drink Fruit Punch.  Be ready for race day with Run Catalina on course nutrition.

Key Benefits

- Provides fast oxidizing C8/C10 MCT for fuel and electrolytes for hydration
- Supports the training of fat oxidation, fat-oxidation enzyme efficiency and glycogen sparing
- Supports pre-race hydration without blunting fat oxidation

When to use

- Low intensity, Aerobic, Zone 2-3 training session
- Pre race hydration
- Hydration during first 30-60mins of high intensity training and racing
- Everyday cool drink

What’s included:

- MCT’s
- Electrolytes
- Glutamine

What’s not:

- Gluten free
- No sugar alcohols
- No artificial colors or flavors

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