SFuels TRANSFORM is a powdered supplement formulated to transform your favorite meals, snacks and shakes by adding natural oils, salts and a touch of sweetness, all without sugars, carbohydrates or sugar alcohols.

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Meet the product

Transform the taste and texture of your favorite coffee, shakes or lower carb meals, snacks and shakes with SFuels TRANSFORM. Elevate your culinary experience while supporting low carb, higher healthy fat macros in your diet.

How to use SFuels Transform

Easy add to TRANSFORM every-day recipes, replacing sugars and increasing healthy fats.

SFuels Transform can be used as a flavor free drink mix – simply add 16 ounces of cold water and if desired combine 1 – 2 sachets of SFuels PRIMED for a watermelon flavored no carbohydrate training drink.

  • Coconut Oil (MCT)
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Monk Fruit Extract
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • L-Glutamine

Right Fuel
Right Time

Maximize endurance adaptions by matching Fuel-nutrition to training-racing aerobic, threshold and Vo2Max intensities.

Fructose Free Training

Avoid the de-training effects, and risks to gut membrane integrity, from daily over-consumption of sugar/fructose in diet and sports nutrition.