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SFuels Ultra-Endurance Drink Mix (AVAIL: mid-Jan 2018)

 SFuels Ultra-Endurance is a low-no carb, fat-based powdered drink mix formulated for ultra-endurance athletes seeking to fuel their racing-training lifestyles.  We are so upbeat on the use of low-carb training, and the quality of our product - that we're offering a low-no risk path for you to #DITCHSUGARFUELS, see below for the CHALLENGE.

   SFuels is designed to support fueling and recovery during repetitive training-racing blocks of ultra-endurance athletes.

We don't do sickly-sweet sugar drinks and foods, for one-time race use.
We aren't the product for <2hour racing, or competitive sport. 

  Our sugar-free formula is designed to provide fat based-calories to working muscles while supporting the Gut and muscles to endure and recover from repetitive ultra-endurance workouts.  We avoid the use of sugar, simple carbohydrates and sugar-alcohols in SFuels Ultra-Endurance drink mix too,

    1. Minimise elevated blood-sugar and insulin rises and thereby enabling fat-oxidation for fueling, delivering a stable energy supply and reduced risks of bonking,
    2. Avoid the risks of 'race-stopping' sucrose/fructose triggered Gut/GI distress, inflammation and nausea.
    3. Minimise heightened systemic inflammation caused by the consistent consumption of sucrose/fructose and simple carbohydrates. 


 SFuels contains the electrolytes Sodium, Calcium, and Potassium in addition to 500mg of L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine has been shown to support both GI-tract and muscle recovery for ultra-endurance athletes in training. SFuels uses coconut oil and hydrolyzed collagen peptides to fuel the muscles and support recovery of the bodies connective tissue.

  For training sessions >3hours duration, we recommend to also include SFuels Ultra-Low Training bars and/or whole food carbs to your training/fueling. Please download the QuickStart guide here, for best practice ultra-endurance fueling.

Take the CHALLENGE - 

  • Buy a bag of SFuels Ultra-Endurance Drink Mix (Buy here)
  • We pay for FREE Shipping of your first bag of SFuels,
  • You use/test the product for up to 1 Year with a low-carb higher-fat approach to ultra-endurance training - and see how your training blocks and recovery improves,
  • 1 Year Money-back Guarantee: SFuels Ultra-Endurance Drink Mix, is yours to enjoy for a year, risk-free to you. If after using the product with a low-carb higher-fat approach to your training - you are not satisfied with your training blocks, stable-energy, and recovery, then simply return the empty package within one year of the original purchase date for a complete refund of your purchase price.