1st Generation - SFuels TRAIN

SFuels TRAIN was developed to support your aerobic base, and zone 2 workout training adaptions - including fat-oxidation efficiency, muscle glycogen preservation, and lower lactate production.

Fruit Punch
Pomegranate & Acai
Coconut & Lime
Strawberry & Lemonade
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Meet the product

Fuels Train includes no sugar and minimal carbohydrates to support the avoidance of blood sugar/insulin spikes which blunt lipolysis, fat-oxidation efficiency and aerobic adaptions. 

SFuels Train takes a 2 pronged approach to support Gut Resilience during Aerobic training. This includes -  

1. A reduced carbohydrate dependency and intake, will lower the known risks of high-carbohydrate consumption during endurance training/racing, 

2.  The gluten-free, sugar-alcohol-free formulation of SFuels Train minimizes the triggers known to add further risk of gut distress to training and racing. SFuels Train also excludes Fructose to avoid Gut-membrane and aerobic adaption de-training risks from day-to-day over-consumption of Fructose. 


Maintaining proper electrolyte balance is crucial for athletes, especially during extended periods of training and in hot or humid conditions. To offset the electrolyte loss that occurs through sweat, higher doses of sodium and potassium supplementation are often warranted.  Athletes who follow a lower carbohydrate protocol should supplement with electrolytes.  It's important to consult with a healthcare provider or sports nutritionist to determine the appropriate electrolyte supplementation based on individual needs and training conditions.

  • Coconut Oil
  • L-Glutamine
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Potassium Gluconate
  • All natural flavors
  • Beet Juice Powder and /or Turmeric Powder used for
  • Monk Fruit Extract